What exactly is a pin-up workshop?


Well, it’s an event created to teach you how to play dress-up. Where heavy makeup, fun clothes, and posing is a must. The day started with makeup, this process took about an hour and a half to complete. Beginning with heavy foundation to give the skin a flawless appearance, dark eye lined upper lids with very exaggerated fake eyelashes, colored in eyebrows, pink cheeks, and a very bright red lip. After makeup, hair. My hair took about an hour, due to me having to curl it. My friend was kind enough to help me with the victory rolls. I like how she put them more to the side, as apposed to the middle, it helped me to know which way to angle my body toward the camera. If you get an itch to take yourself back in time, here is a tutorial on how to do the victory rolls. Next, wardrobe, the style was geared toward the 50′s. I had brought a dress that I wore during Christmas that had that vintage feel and paired with sparkly silver/gold heels. The photo shoot only lasted a few moments, I was able to give the perfect pose about the 5 picture in. I was anxious to get away from the camera. I won’t give away the props in the photo shoot, I plan on gifting it to my hubby for his birthday. I will say it was very conservative/sexy and I was taken back in time. Doing this workshop left me feeling very beautiful and inspired to explore different styles and looks and to play with makeup more.

Dinner… Our Place or Yours?

For about 3 years, on Friday evenings, it has been our custom to have dinner with guests. Wether it is at their house or ours, it has become our tradition. Each week I look forward to Friday night. I start planning what I will prepare, sometimes it’s left overs or a soup that I have thrown together with what ever scraps I have in the fridge. Other weeks, I will attempt extravagant fixings, for example, this week I am making three new recipes! That, I know, is a big no no. As awful as it is, I am feeling adventurous. We have invited our friends over this week, two of which have gluten sensitivities. This spurred on my Pinterest hunt, scavenging for the perfect gluten free fare. Specifically, I searched for recipes that use Polenta. I recently order a big bag of polenta from Azure Standard and it needs to be used up. Polenta is a great gluten free alternative.


Here is what I have decided on for this evenings meal.

Four an appetizer Polenta Crostini, credited to Michael Chiarello. I will also have a veggie plate with dip(store bought) and guacamole(homemade) and tortilla chips.


For our main course we are having an Artichoke-Rosemary Tart, thank you Food Wonderings.


Accompanying the tart, a Kale, Fennel, and Apple Salad by Honestly Yum.


This evening is sure to be delicious and enjoyable!


**Images from websites mentioned above**



My Perfect Cup

I aim to have one cup of coffee a day. I have come to love the taste and I don’t want to give it up, but I do think it needs to be enjoyed in moderation. Caffeine has a bad rapt and rightly so, in large amounts it can be damaging to the liver, brain, immune system, effect hormones, the heart, and other places that I won’t go into. So for me, it’s important to get that one 8 oz. cup perfect.

There are many different ways to brew coffee, the standard coffee machine that comes in as little as four cups and up, a french press, pour over, and my favorite the Aero Press. The Aero Press is a simple, easy to clean and store, system that uses air and pressure to extract that velvety goodness right into the coffee mug.

AeroPress_action2When you purchase the AeroPress it comes with all these items below. Easy to store and the system comes with a years supply of filters.aeropress_system3

I like milk in my coffee and I like to make a mix between a latte and cappuccino. I found this awesome frother wand from Ikea, I believe it was around $2 or $3. I will heat a mixture of milk/half n half, a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract, and 1/2 tsp turbinado in the microwave, froth it with my wand and add it to my AeroPressed coffee.


It makes the perfect cup each time.


In place of vanilla extract, I have tried maple extract for a maple latte. I am eager to try other extracts to create other subtle flavors.

**photos taken from  AeroPress, pinterest, and luxpresso.