31 Days to Veganize Day 1


Vegan: The Practice of abstaining from the use of animal products particularly in diet, as well as following an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of sentient animals. The follower of veganisn is known as a vegan. Wikipedia

My personal definition:

Excluding meat, animal fats, dairy, and (mostly) eggs and gluten. I will include honey and occasionally chicken eggs from happy fat hens raised by my friends.

Am I allowed to call myself a vegan with these exceptions? I like to be humored, so let’s say yes.

Along with this diet transformation, I would like to make an overhaul on household and hygiene products by making them at home with safe ingredients.

For the next 30 days I will walk you through my journey of revamping my diet from a little bit of everything to a whole lot of fruits, veggies, and grains. I am a take it slow gal and I am most likely to achieve my goal by slowly processing the steps to take. My food stock pile currently has animal products mingled in, in an attempt to keep from wasting food, I will use up the ingredients and disregard purchasing it again or find replacements for the ingredients.

Did I mention I will be bringing my husband and two kids along on this adventure with me? I want, my kids especially, to learn how to take care of there bodies and part of that is learning self control, portion control, and denying their taste buds of the desirable. If they can learn to sometime say no to their third sweet serving of the day or to listen when their stomachs are satiated, they will have longevity in their healthy eating habits.

Is this a permanent lifestyle change?

I don’t know. It will mostly depend on how my body reacts. From the time I was 18 until 21 I was vegetarian and at my heaviest. That said, I didn’t exercise and I ate tons of cheese and pasta. My plan is to wait and observe.


  1. Finding alternatives to our favorite meals
  2. Kid lunches
  3. Finding alternatives to certain ingredients
  4. Finding adequate recipes
  5. Getting over the one protein two veggies and a starch that I am used to mimicking my menu to
  6. Eating out or at a hosts meal
  7. Fear of the unknown(I hope it taste good)

Thank you for joining me!

2 thoughts on “31 Days to Veganize Day 1

  1. We’ve been vegetarian for nearly 4 years, and we limit our dairy intake (mostly just 8 ounces of raw, rennent-free cheese and some good eggs a month). I have 4 kids under 9, so it’s do-able. It certainly took me a while to find the “sweat spot” of budget/health/easy! My kids, thankfully, have two favorite meals of black beans with rice and baked potatoes (sweet and organic reds). It will be fun to follow your journey!

    • Thanks Jennifer! It’s good to know that this sort of diet can be attainable in a family with small kids. Do you have a blog? I’d love to check it out.

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