31 Days to Veganize: Day 11



Nightly Meal: Bulgogi Style Tofu with sautéed Asparagus.

Today was especially busy.

6:30 a.m.- running 3.5 miles

9:30-2:00- preserving jalapeños(pickled, candied, and a jam of strawberries and jalapeños)

2:30-3:30- board gaming at the library with the homeschool group

4:30-6:00- pick-up hubby and grab dinner and then head to OMSI for member night to become detectives at the new Sherlock Holmes exhibit.

6-9- OMSI

9-10- catch up on Project Runway

10- blog post

Here is what I have learned regarding veganism. It’s too soon for me to go out to eat, unless the restaurant is specifically a vegan place. For me, it’s too tempting to eat something that resembles my old way of eating. For example, I had a turkey and smoked mozzarella with cranberry sauce sandwich. My stomach was so mad afterwards. So the moral, take more time to better settle into a change before allowing temptation to present itself.


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