31 Days to Veganize: Day 3


Nightly Meal: Bread and Fake Butter. *We were fasting and praying last night with our church. To help the kids, we skipped a large meal for bread and butter.


I have two kids, my son is eleven and my daughter is 8. My kids are fairly used to my food antics. As a whole, we have been on one food extreme to the other. I have been very open with them on why we are going vegan, making sure they know that this decision is to help our bodies become more healthy and energized. My son freaked out! Literally had a melt down. He was sad to loose his bacon. It’s hard giving up things we love, even if they are not the best for us. Here is what I have found to be helpful in transitioning our family.

Include Them:

I talked to my kids and I am working hard to make them apart of the process. I asked them for input on the recipes I put on the meal plan. I have also explained what a plant based diet vs. other diets means for us as a family and for our bodies.

Give Choices:

I gave my kids the option of eating non-vegan when they are at friends house or if we are out to eat. It’s ultimately their choice on how they treat their bodies. I can control this in the house, but if they have the option outside of home they won’t have the pressure to rebel against the idea and may choose to keep with eating vegan. **This is an experiment, just like anything when raising kids.**


Call meat or dairy alternatives fake! My son is going around calling everything fake. Fake butter, fake bacon, fake apples. Everything is now fake. It sounds so wrong. I explained to him that the alternative is still real food and just made with ingredients other than meat.


Every meal is going to be a risk until you know what your family likes. Don’t be afraid to try something new. When I served pumpkin tamales for dinner the other night, I was sure my daughter would hate them. Boy was I wrong! She loved them and wants them again and again. Kids will surprise you.


William at the farm


Birana and Her Violin

Birana and Her Violin

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