31 Days to Veganize: Day 4

Nightly Meal: We went out for dinner to our local brew pub and hubby and I split a vegan veggie burger and it was delish!


Let us talk tamales.


Black Bean and Green Chili Tamales

Tamales are very versatile and can be filled with any number of ingredients.

Here is a great link with different filling combinations. Easy Vegan Tamales

My son likes the black bean and green chile combo, my daughter likes the pumpkin, and hubby and I like both.

These tamales are great because you can make a large batch, serve half for dinner and freeze the rest for another night.

When I served these, I set out Tofuti sour cream and my jarred salsa verde. The salsa verde is tart and spicy and pairs perfectly with any type of Tamale.

Tomorrow, I will venture my way to go food shopping. I am diving knee deep into 7 days of plant based meals and I am eager to see how much I spend. I have a feeling that with the purchasing of alternative meat products my bill could be about the same or a little more.

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