Dinner… Our Place or Yours?

For about 3 years, on Friday evenings, it has been our custom to have dinner with guests. Wether it is at their house or ours, it has become our tradition. Each week I look forward to Friday night. I start planning what I will prepare, sometimes it’s left overs or a soup that I have thrown together with what ever scraps I have in the fridge. Other weeks, I will attempt extravagant fixings, for example, this week I am making three new recipes! That, I know, is a big no no. As awful as it is, I am feeling adventurous. We have invited our friends over this week, two of which have gluten sensitivities. This spurred on my Pinterest hunt, scavenging for the perfect gluten free fare. Specifically, I searched for recipes that use Polenta. I recently order a big bag of polenta from Azure Standard¬†and it needs to be used up. Polenta is a great gluten free alternative.


Here is what I have decided on for this evenings meal.

Four an appetizer Polenta Crostini, credited to Michael Chiarello. I will also have a veggie plate with dip(store bought) and guacamole(homemade) and tortilla chips.


For our main course we are having an Artichoke-Rosemary Tart, thank you Food Wonderings.


Accompanying the tart, a Kale, Fennel, and Apple Salad by Honestly Yum.


This evening is sure to be delicious and enjoyable!


**Images from websites mentioned above**



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