Homeschooling with Sonlight

DECP-lToday we started our new homeschooling curriculum, Sonlight. A friend of mine introduced me to Sonlight and I fell in love with it immediately. It’s a very well put together resource, meaning I don’t have to do any planning. Sonlight is very user friendly, all I need to do is check my teacher handbook and calendar and it tells me exactly what we are doing for the day. Another thing I like about Sonlight, is that it is very big on reading, I mean look at all those books in the kit pictured! My son loves to read, so this is going to be great for him right off. With this curriculum we are studying American History, Language Arts, and Bible. Also, we have incorporated into our day Singapore Math, Math Teaching Textbooks, Spelling to Read and Write, and learning to write with cursive handwriting. I am gaining a whole new appreciation for homeschooling, I admit, in the beginning, I was nervous and pretty much dreaded the thought of homeschooling. Now, I find myself excited to start our day and eager to dive into our materials. To help with our transition, I recently transformed our playroom into a school room. I will post about that later with a few pictures.



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