Journey through Social Work


This week, I am feeling pulled in different directions. There are so many avenues to take when it comes to social work and I have this urgency to do it all. I want my go at all of it. My imagination goes through different scenarios, working with different populations in different settings. I am worried I may get stuck in one area and miss out of helping out in another.

A contrasting thought I have been struggling with is, what does it mean to be a white savior? Am I guilty of this. I am a natural helper, but why am I so drawn to helping those in need? Do I get some sort of power trip with it? I want my intentions to be pure. With whatever power I hold, let it be freely given to those in need; lifting up the down in spirit, broken, orĀ  oppressed.


I just finished the written assignment on social justice. I didn’t realized how many differing opinions there were about the subject. From what I have read and from what I have gathered from talking to people about the subject, most agree that there should be social justice, but there is not a consensus on exactly what that looks like or how it can be achieved.


For this week we were assigned a video that spoke about a support group for queer individuals with intellectual disability. I use that description because that is the way the video describes the group. People with ID’s are very oppressed in many societies and it can be difficult for those individuals to relate to their peers and are often subject to being made fun of or ridiculed for being who they are. Add to the ID and identity change or being gay and the oppression seems to worsen significantly. This support group called Compass acts as a safe space for this population. It is a group that allows the individual to be and express themselves safely in a nonjudgmental environment. I would like for more groups like this to exist to help support people that are oppressed because of who they are and how they identify. Groups like this can help people feel accepted and prevent depression and possible suicides.


This page will work as a running journal for my Social Justice Practice class. Last week we had an assignment that required me and a few other students to video a role play of us using a theory with a pretend client. I found the assignment difficult as I am still learning about the different theories and how to implement them. Also, there was the part where I was recorded. Not the most fun for me. We are on week four now and this week we move more deeply into anti-oppressive practices.

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