This is Me

487728_4885070198554_237678150_nMy name is Misty. I try new things, especially with my hair. I like to cook, but hate to cleanup after myself or anyone else. I like mastering a new hobby and then giving it up for a new one; I may go back to it eventually. I am a devout Christ follower. I love making friends, but I have a very best friend from grade school that will always be my very best friend. My husband loves me despite my failings, and I tend to have a few most of the time. My children love me too, they are quick to forgive me as I ask of it often. This blog is my space to write about my everyday happenings and to share a little about what I learn each day. It won’t be perfect or consistent and the content will vary, but that is a good representation of who I am.

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